Core Values

Glas Chiropractic exists to serve the Ultimate Healer in faith, integrity, stewardship, courage, honesty, and prayer by providing as many families and individuals as possible with the same regular, affordable chiropractic care we’d offer our own loved ones.

Core values…

Are rules to live by,
Are the foundation of why I do what I do,
Are constant reminders of what is important to me in serving you,
Underlie how we interact with each other,
Define which strategies I employ to fulfill my mission,
Are the basic elements and practices I use every day in everything I do,
Articulate what I stand for,
Guide my business processes and help explain why I do business the way I do,
Clarify who I am,
Guide how I teach and inform patients, and
Require no external justification.


Keeps me on track to serve you, and
Guides me in loving God and others in word and deed through the greatest gift to earth since Christ: Chiropractic.


Means doing what I say and saying what I do,
Means living what I teach about the message of Chiropractic,
Is doing the right thing when no one is looking,
Means providing an affordable fee for the weekly care you and your family need, 


Means caring for what has been entrusted to me, and
Means respecting your time and budgetary concerns,


Means teaching the truth of Chiropractic by standing and saying the hard things in the Spirit of power, love, and sound mind, and
Involves honesty in telling you the truth in Christ and Chiropractic.


Is the truth of things natural for the healing and health of the human body,
Allows the doctor within to work at maximum ability,
Enables your body to work the way it was designed and created, and
Is the greatest gift to mankind since Jesus Christ.


Changes things, and
Is a big part of my life.

I will pray for you as you are getting adjusted. I will also remember you in my prayers throughout the day. If you have a special request please let me know, and I will add it to my prayer list. You can submit your prayer request by email.



Bret Glas