Expert Chiropractic Services

Improper alignment of the spine and limbs can result in various conditions including headaches, neck and back pain, and even trouble sleeping. At Glas Chiropractic in East Peoria, we specialize in realigning the body to alleviate pain, boost mobility, and improve overall health.

A natural, drug-free form of therapy, chiropractic treatment involves the gentle manipulation of vertebrae to realign the body. After examining the patient and diagnosing his or her unique alignment issues, Dr. Bret Glass will call upon his years of experience to determine the ideal method of adjustment. Most patients experience an immediate lessening of pain following a chiropractic adjustment and, with regular care, can enjoy a greatly improved quality of life.

Chiropractic Care Based on Core Values

As part of his commitment to providing chiropractic care that’s rooted in his Christian values, Dr. Glas strives to offer affordable, dependable treatments to everyone who visits. He also incorporates prayer into his therapies to help improve both body and spirit.

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Unlike most chiropractors in the area, Dr. Glas welcomes walk-in patients at his East Peoria office.

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